Copying images – theft or compliment?

I google myself rarely but did several days ago and was surprised to find my painting Grief (below) in a few sites. I had the same experience a couple of years ago and wrote on the blog of the author, asking why my permission was not asked before posting the image. The image had been taken out. This time, I posed the same question to the blogger, got a huge apology and my image was taken out. He studiously looked for my name to give me credit and that was much appreciated.

I have a website and a blog so my paintings are “out there” and can be used. I have no watermark to protect it because I don’t like watermarks – it ruins the image, I think. In this day and age of the internet, images can be easily copied and used, copyright notwithstanding.

“Grief” has been used quite a few times in people’s blogs to reflect their feelings about a personal or public tragedy and I am flattered. I am proud of this piece, as well as my other paintings of “suffering women”. But I would appreciate it very much if those wishing to use any of my images to ask my permission first and not to attribute their postings to me.

Grief, Oil on Linen, 31" x 25"

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