The drawing above, Despair, was curated as Nude of the Day for June 1, 2011 at Barebrush Gallery by Mr. James Patrick Reid, artist and art lecturer.  It was  also selected as one of five Curators’ Choice nominees for June 2011.

About Despair, Mr. Reid thought for a while, composing his thoughts and then said:  “The gesture of the figure is powerfully felt in the foreshortened space she occupies relative to the placement of the dark vertical and the shaded plane of the table. Also, there is a great rhythm connecting the clockwise movement of her arms with the ovoid form of the cushion and her breasts and thighs. This works in two and three dimensions simultaneously. The cloth hanging at the top of it forms the necessary contrast to the clockwise rotation of her upper body and the counter-clockwise thrust of her knees….[some hesitation]. The more I look at it, the more I could talk about it.”


From Neil Joffe, local artist and art teacher from South Africa:

“Cynthia’s style of brushwork and use of colors add drama and energy to her paintings. Whether representational or abstract, her work reveals a personal approach to her art that seeks to convey a mood or tell a story.”


Re PERSPECTIVES II, Solo Exhibition, Organization of American States, May 29 – June 15, 2007 (Translated from Spanish)

Solo Exhibition at OAS, May 2007

From Gabriel Gross, OAS Art Group:

“In this exhibition, there is little we need to know about Cynthia Angeles to know her completely.  This is because, in Cynthia’s “Perspectives II”, her images strongly communicate what she, herself, would like to tell us.  The word perspective could mean an object or a mass that allows us to see the same from various angles.  In the case of this exhibition, it could be interpreted as a journey into the mind of the artist through which we see the different facets of her work.

For example, Cynthia presents a series of landscapes executed in different techniques; portraits which are not simply faces of her acquaintances but persons with character whom we might well have met ourselves.  They are human faces that even project their origin or visible history such as the Cuban face of the tobacco smoker.  Cynthia equally ventures into monotypes with great execution; her still life series of fruits in watercolor are very much alive.”

“En esta exhibición, es poco lo que necesitamos conocer de Cynthia Angeles para conocerla totalmente…y eso porque la PERSPECTIVA de Cynthia nos permite, sin adivinar, decir lo que ella mismo nos cuenta con imágenes…imágenes poco silenciosas…más que calladas…gritos apacibles.

La descripcion arquitectónica de PERSPECTIVA podria ser un objeto o una masa que nos permite ver, lo mismo, desde varios ángulos…en el caso de la PERSPECTIVA de Cynthia Angeles se podría interpretar como un viaje a la mente de la artista en donde a través de ella podemos ver las diferentes facetas de su trabajo…por ejemplo, en la presente exhibición “PERSPECTIVES II”, Cynthia nos presenta una serie de paisajes ejecutados en diferentes técnicas; retratos que no son simples rostros de conocidos suyos…son personas con temperamento que bien podríamos conocer…son rostros humanos que permite acertar su procedencia o incluso una historia visible como el rostro cubano de la fumadora de tabaco.

Cynthia igualmente se aventura con el grabado de buena ejecución; la naturaleza muerta…que más que muerta…su naturaleza esta viva, como la serie de frutas en acuarela.”

(Gabriel Gross, OAS Art Group)

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