Monthly Archives: November 2012

Blue Mood and Indecision

Blue Mood, which had been selected as Nude of the Day for May 4, 2010 and October 7, 2012 at Barebrush Gallery, was again selected as Nude of the Day for November 11, 2012. You can vote for your favorite nude of the month and curator’s choice at the following link:

Indecision, which had been juried in as Best-of-the-Rest at Barebrush Gallery for March 29, 2012 and for May 27, 2012, was chosen for November 30, 2012. To vote, here is the link:

Having been selected three times by different jurors, both will be “retired” from the calendar competition at Barebrush Gallery.

Hurricane Sandy

We were very lucky Hurricane Sandy spared most of the Washington area. Although listening to the howling wind and the lashing rain scared and worried us, we did not lose power at all. There were some traces of destruction here and there in the neighborhood, but nothing compared to the havoc Sandy wielded through the Northeastern states. Now, there’s the threat of a Nor’easter which could slow recovery and cause more power outages. Let’s hope the storm continues farther out to sea.