Grief on the cover of Leben Magazine

My painting, Grief,  has made it to the cover of Leben Magazine, a journal of Reformation life.  Leben is “life” in German.  I don’t know anything about the magazine but I was informed that they use a variety of subjects and styles for their cover.  Here it is:  

First Place, People’s Choice, Best of the Rest

Dusk in the Copse took first place in Barebrush Gallery’s Best of the Rest for February 2014. Because it has been selected three times for the calendar, it will be retired from competition. Dusk in the Copse

The worst I’ve ever done!

I sold a painting, The Bell Inn, to a friend many years ago for $20 because she said she really liked it. For years, I was gripped with regret for having done so, not because I sold it for a song, but because the painting held some sentimental value to me. The “Bell Inn” is…