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It just dawned on me that, when visiting my website, some of you may not click on Artwork (next to Home) at all. Instead, you probably go to the drop down menu and select one of the art categories. If this is the case, you have missed my introduction and a slideshow of my portfolio….

Women’s Review of Books July/August issue

My painting, Voices of Hope, is featured in the July/August issue of Women’s Review of Books to illustrate the review of “Mapping Arab Women’s Movements”. What a thrill to see it on the cover! Here is the link:

Our Lady of Perpetual Exhaustion

I have been invited to submit my work in a special exhibition called “Our Lady of Perpetual Exhaustion” from August 27 – October 4, 2013 at the Watergate Gallery. I started painting a veiled lady with a sorrowful face but wasn’t happy with it. I went on vacation and upon return, I scrapped it. One…

To the Hotshots

Dedicated to the 19 members of the elite group of firefighters, Hotshots, who were killed in the Yarnell, Arizona wildfire. This is to remind us how unpredictable and deadly wildfires can be.   Wildfire, Oil on Canvas, 21″ x 31″