Monthly Archives: May 2013

Vacation rental scam!

We have been scammed by a guy who phished a Florida realtor’s email. We had already transfered funds to a Barclays account in Surrey, England of a VIKTOR STOIAN (probably Eastern European), before we found out from the real property manager that it was a scam. There were other victims. So, beware!!! The Washington Post Travel section on Sunday, May 26, had a special article about this. We were stupid to wire funds to a foreign country.  Remember to always pay by credit card and check their email addresses!

Another new painting!

This canvas was covered with excess light blue paint from another piece for months. Sometime late last year, I started a plain seascape which looked terribly boring so I put it aside. In March this year, I used my palette knife to add more waves to the water and it started to look interesting but not quite done. Then, just a few days ago, I added a couple of rocks and more movement in the water with different shades of greens and blues. There is hardly a dividing line between sky and sea. Here it is:

Two New Paintings

I started the Swamp last year but put it aside for a long time. I worked on it again on and off this year and just did the finishing touches yesterday. I think it is done.

The Swamp, Oil on Canvas, 30" x 40"

I had been thinking of doing a portrait of an old couple for quite a long time. I saw a couple in their late 70’s (I think) on the bus but was too embarrassed to take a photo. So, I searched the web and found an image I based Afternoon Stroll on. I started this in March and just finished it yesterday.

Afternoon Stroll, Oil on Canvas, 20" x 16"

Family Visit and Painting

We had a wonderful visit from my family the week of April 15 – a lot of eating, drinking, and endless chatting. I thought my husband would get overwhelmed but he was a real trooper – bless his heart!

My painting was put on hold but I made a lot of progress with the three pieces I was working on the week before. It takes me a while to decide when to stop working on a painting. A former art teacher said, “One of the most difficult things for an artist is to know when to stop working on a painting.” One piece is near completion – it is a landscape on a 30″ x 40″ gallery canvas. I am quite pleased with the colors I’ve used and I’ve already signed it (?) but it needs a few more finishing touches. I will post a photo when it is ready.