What is it about “Grief”?

My painting, “Grief”, seems to have touched a lot of people. It is not a happy painting; it is more of a reminder of what we all experience at some time in our lives. I am grateful that it has helped bring some measure of comfort to them.

Learning how to suffer

My painting “Grief” is on the cover of a book on psychology by Martin Appelo entitled “Leren Lijden” (roughly translated: “Learning how to suffer”) published in the Netherlands. Although I don’t understand a word of Dutch, I am deeply flattered they chose “Grief” for its front cover.

Copying images – illegal or not?

I googled myself recently and found that at least 20 sites have used images of my paintings (Grief, more than the others) without my permission. Because my images are not watermarked and are mostly in high resolution, they are easily pulled out and copied. I have a presence in several art websites like Saatchi, Barebrush…

Grief on the cover of Leben Magazine

My painting, Grief,  has made it to the cover of Leben Magazine, a journal of Reformation life.  Leben is “life” in German.  I don’t know anything about the magazine but I was informed that they use a variety of subjects and styles for their cover.  Here it is:  


Here  is a review by Dr. Deborah Sokolove, Director, Henry Luce III Center for the Arts and Religion, Wesley Theological Seminary. Our Lady of Perpetual Exhaustion, part 2 “>Cynthia Angeles, “Grief”, oil on linen, 31″ x 25″ A few days ago, I attended the opening reception for the Watergate Gallery portion of Our Lady of…