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A poem – The Mirror

Dedicated to all women of a certain age:

The Stare

The woman sadly turns to the mirror
eyeing the deep lines that etch her face and neck
Her eyes travel down the jiggly fat under her arms
and the bulges around her waist and stomach
With a deep sigh she mutters, “who cares?
I am old and alone in my sorrows.”

Dejected, she bends down, searches her mind
Tears flowed through the ridges on her face
Slowly, she raises her head in defiance
and shouts, “I care!”

She gets up, gets dressed up,
Puts on lipstick, eyeliner,
a bit of eyeshadow and some powder,
Wears pearls around her neck
And the transformation began.
“Yes”, she says, “I care!”

Copyright March 11, 2016

Cynthia Angeles

Best of the Rest, September 22, 2015

My painting, Afternoon Stroll, was selected for Best of the Rest for September 22, at Barebrush Gallery by guest curator, Margot Luftig of Salmagundi Club.

My VIDA Design Collection

I have added two more items to my design collection at ShopVIDA: Purple Spray (silk tee, $65) and Autumn Leaves (modal scarf, $40). A minimum of 3 pre-orders are needed within 7 days, starting July 9, 2015 for each item to be put into production.

We all need to buy gifts for the coming holidays so hurry, tell your friends, relatives, and neighbors. Use the code VIDAVOICES to get a 20% discount on your order.

To order, here is the link:




To order, here is the link:


My new book is out!

I finally finished painting the book cover and the inside illustrations of my children’s book, My Lola and I.   The book is now available in ebook format (Kindle, Nook, iTunes, etc.) through the following links:


Barnes and Noble:

Booklocker (my publisher):



Best-of-the-Rest, December 2013

My painting below was selected as Best-of-the-Rest for December 20 at Barebrush Gallery.  To vote for People’s Choice, below is the link:


Choose Best of the Rest, click on December 20, then click vote.Smile   Thanks!