Computer Woes Saga


I work on my computer all the time to update my websites and my blogs. Having found myself riddled with freezing problems since April this year, I had to rely heavily on my iPad (quite useful but with limited functions) for email and internet. My desktop was a Dell Inspiron 560s which was just 2 years old when the freezing happened. Because my warranty had expired, I had to purchase additional warranty from Dell for them to resolve the problem. I was also persuaded to purchase Norton 360 for protection. After spending close to $300, I worked with the Dell technology staff for days, resetting my desktop to factory settings, etc. but to no avail. In the end, they refunded what I spent and recommended that I take my desktop to a local computer repair expert.

And so I did. In July 2012, I took my desktop to Arlington Virginia Computer Repair. Alex was quite helpful and personable. My desktop went through their diagnostic process. It was determined that my desktop had a failed hard drive. This included a brand new hard drive, Windows, drivers, updates and basic software (including free anti-virus) installation, tune-up and testing. The intermittent freezing did not stop, however, even after the installation of a new video card, a cooling fan, and BIOS update. One day, the monitor just went blank so I bought a new monitor, hoping that it was causing the problem. Well, the new monitor also froze, and after a few seconds, went blank.

I then decided to get a new desktop and use my recently bought monitor. When I got everything set up, I started restoring my files which didn’t work well. I tried to access Mozilla and Facebook but couldn’t so I contacted HP support, worried and furious because of what I had gone through. Luckily, the technician, after running some tests, asked what modem I was using. She determined that it was my old modem (a Westell Versalink 327W) which was causing the problem. She contacted Verizon for me. After a few tests, the tech rep decided to send me a new modem (free of charge!). Once I got the new modem set up, my computer started working and I haven’t had any problems for 3 full days now (fingers crossed!).

Now, I have to see if I can sell my video card, motherboard, CPU, cooling fan, etc. to recoup some of my expenses.

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