Despair: June 1 Nude Of The Day Award At Barebrush

The drawing below, Despair, was curated as Nude of the Day for June 1, 2011 at Barebrush Gallery by Mr. James Patrick Reid, artist and art lecturer.  It was previously chosen as Nude of the Day for July 30, 2010. For the first time, Despair was also selected as one of the five Curators’ Choice nominees for June 2011.

From the write-up about the NOTM for June 2011(, I quote:

About Despair, Mr. Reid thought for a while, composing his thoughts and then said:

The gesture of the figure is powerfully felt in the foreshortened space she occupies relative to the placement of the dark vertical and the shaded plane of the table. Also, there is a great rhythm connecting the clockwise movement of her arms with the ovoid form of the cushion and her breasts and thighs. This works in two and three dimensions simultaneously. The cloth hanging at the top of it forms the necessary contrast to the clockwise rotation of her upper body and the counter-clockwise thrust of her knees….[some hesitation]. The more I look at it, the more I could talk about it.

Needless to say, I am deeply honored. Thank you, Mr. Reid.

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