No More Art Festivals For Me!


I have participated in three art festivals so far.  Each time, I had my own booth or table.  Although I have sold in those occasions, it was a lot of hard work.  The preparation had to be well-planned since I don’t drive and had to rely on my husband or friends to drop me and my “wares” off.  I tried to pack the minimum paintings (and easels) so I didn’t have to struggle carrying them from point A to point B and back.

The setting up could be fun and challenging as well.  Some experienced vendors bring their own folding tables and chairs to take best advantage of their space.  And they are quite organized and efficient in setting up.

One other thing: people would easily buy jewelry or pottery but paintings (or even prints) are a hard sell.  The most difficult part for me was sitting alone, fighting to keep the bugs off me (they love me!), waiting for prospective customers to approach and buy.

Sure, it is always nice to people-watch but you can only do so much of that.  It gets boring after a while.  I think I will give the art festival a miss next year.

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