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Painting in quietude

It’s been pretty quiet around here this week. Most people are probably out of town to see their families for Easter and Passover. My better half is away on a fishing trip. So, I took advantage of the respite to paint, working on three paintings alternately. While one was drying, I worked on another. My work table is a mess but it is a studio, after all. I only clear up when expecting guests. Bliss!


After a long pause, painting again!

Over the past three weeks, I have worked on a 30 x 40 canvas which I started a year ago. It is progressing well, thank you very much. In addition, I put the finishing touches on a portrait which had been sitting around for a few years in my studio. Lastly, I started two more canvasses which I hope to finish before spring comes next year. I’m on a roll!