My Latest Shop Vida Design Collection

Please check on my page at Shop Vida regularly to see my new designs and what discounts Vida has to offer: Here is the link:

My Shopvida Design Collections

The holidays are fast approaching. Here are a few gift suggestions for your loved ones or for yourself: An art-inspired silk top (Steaming Rocks) or long scarves (from the top: Black Tupelo, Autumn Leaves, Glamour Girl) To order, here is the link:

My VIDA Design Collection

I have added two more items to my design collection at ShopVIDA: Purple Spray (silk tee, $65) and Autumn Leaves (modal scarf, $40). A minimum of 3 pre-orders are needed within 7 days, starting July 9, 2015 for each item to be put into production. We all need to buy gifts for the coming holidays…

VIDA – a new project!

I am now a designer for ShopVIDA! I am really excited about it. This is a new field for me. The company uses artists’s paintings or photographs to make them into wearable art. Part of the earnings help send their overseas workers in India and Pakistan to literacy school. I created three designs from my…