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Selling art during the pandemic

I took a long hiatus from painting, but the thought of creating art never left me. I also need to spend more effort selling so I can paint more. Selling art is particularly difficult these days. I’ve already lost the opportunity to exhibit last March because of the lockdown.

If anybody is interested in buying original art or giclee prints of my paintings, please check out my art and/or watch the video below: 

Happy New Year to all!

I wish everyone good health, good cheer, and better circumstances in your endeavors. I might as well wish myself the same things. A few thoughts about my art came to mind:

Where is my art going? Is it going anywhere? Does it matter? Of course, it does to any artist. Will I carry on painting? Of course, I will. I just hope that my website will help my art gain exposure and that it will eventually translate into sales so that I can paint some more!

Do I Want to Exhibit?

Of course, every artist wants to exhibit his or her artwork.  But I am no longer keen about getting to exhibit in galleries.  A male artist I met did not seem to care much about it.  I asked him how he sells his paintings and he said nonchalantly, “Just by word of mouth.”  True, not many artists actually sell during an exhibition but I was touched by his attitude.  He was more animated talking about what paints he uses than where or if he sells his work.  A purist, I thought.