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The worst I’ve ever done!

I sold a painting, The Bell Inn, to a friend many years ago for $20 because she said she really liked it. For years, I was gripped with regret for having done so, not because I sold it for a song, but because the painting held some sentimental value to me. The “Bell Inn” is located in Welford-on-Avon, a village next to my parents-in-law’s place. Moreover, I had no decent photograph of it. So, I did a most unethical thing: I told my friend my dilemma and offered to buy it back; or send her a print on canvas as soon as it was photographed. She was so gracious about it and said she would just give it back to me. She had no more space in her house for it.

When I picked up the painting from her daughter in Manila, I gave her the $20 back. I told her it would make me feel better. When I got back to my sister’s home, I took several photos of the painting which was one of my first pieces. Then, I started brightening the blossoms with yellow, put some finishing touches on the roof, the sky, and the road. Then, I took more photos. Below are the original and revised versions of the painting.

The Bell Inn – Original

The Bell Inn – Revised

Self-Reflection: May 6 Nude Of The Day Award At Barebrush

My painting, Self-Reflection, was selected as Nude of the Day for May 6 at Barebrush Gallery. The guest curator is Margot Luftig of Salmagundi Club.

Angst: March 19 Nude of the Day at Barebrush

The painting below, Angst, is Nude of the day for March 19, 2011 at Barebrush Gallery.  This is my 4th painting juried in for their monthly calendar.  You can vote for your favorite nude at the following link:


Just click opposite the date of your favorite nude and click on “vote”.