Best-of-the-Rest, December 2013

My painting below was selected as Best-of-the-Rest for December 20 at Barebrush Gallery.  To vote for People’s Choice, below is the link: Choose Best of the Rest, click on December 20, then click vote.   Thanks!

Barebrush Gallery: Best-of-the-Rest, September 2013

Dusk in the Copse was selected for September 25, 2013, Best-of-the-Rest at Barebrush Gallery. Voting is open. To vote for your favorite, the following is the link:

Floating Leaves – another award from Barebrush Gallery

Floating Leaves (below) which was selected Best-of-the-Rest for April 10, 2012 by Sharon Way-Howard of Salmagundi Club, was again curated as Best-of-the-Rest for June 9, 2012 by Charles Yoder, also of Salmagundi Club. To vote for your choice for the month, please click on the following link:

Indecision makes it again!

This painting, INDECISION, which was selected as Best-of-the-Rest at Barebrush Gallery for March 29, 2012 at Barebrush Gallery, was again chosen as Best-of-the-Rest for May 27, 2012. The curator was Lee Vasu of Dacia Gallery.

Best-of-the-Rest, March 29, 2012

This painting, INDECISION, was chosen as Best-of-the-Rest at Barebrush Gallery for March 29, 2012 at a juried selection by Della Clason Sperling of Sperling Arts, New York. To vote for your favorite, here is the link: The deadline to vote is March 30, 2012.