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I painted “Voices of Hope”to express my solidarity with the protesting women of the Middle East whose voices against the carnage in their homelands are muffled by politics and guns.

It’s been a while…..

I’ve been blogging exclusively in my own art website (paintingsbycynthia.com) but, I guess, my reach is wider in blogger.com, so I’ll do both.

I have not been painting much these days because of various reasons. I’ve been busy with personal commitments and also wanted to reduce my inventory of paintings before creating some more. The last two canvasses I painted were Tsunami (my latest attempt to do an abstract piece) and Voices of Hope (a tribute to the women in the Middle East).

I usually paint what I feel. Although I want to sell my art, it matters not whether what I have created is “saleable” or not. What really matters is that I have committed to canvas or paper what has inspired me in the first place.

Voices of Hope

Voices of Hope, unfinished

I started a new painting a month ago based on the women’s role in the protests in the Middle East. I had planned to do a quiet, subtle version but, having started with a palette knife, the images became more overt – stronger even. I still have to work on the finishing touches when I get back from my trip in early May. Watch for it in “Recent Works”.