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My Book – A Life Reclaimed

I have been working on a book, a first-time experience!  It is a collaboration between me and my niece, Sheila May Advento, which tells her story as a quadruple amputee, her close shave with death in 2003 at age 26 due to meningococcemia, her survival and continuing efforts to rebuild her life.

I’ve taken charge of this project because I think her inspiring story is worth sharing.  I finished painting her portrait in mid-April which I’d like to use for the book cover.  Another niece, Ophelia (Piah) Panganiban, is editing the manuscript; and the rest of the family has been, more or less, involved.

This endeavor started in 2007 and will take time to finish.  I’m very excited about this and will keep you posted on its progress.  I hope it will get published before 2009 is over.

The title?  A Life Reclaimed

Cynthia Angeles


Sheila was featured in December 2008 on television at CBS2 (New Jersey).  CLICK BELOW.